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Colocation Services

  • Effective Control of Your Infrastructure

Colocation service providers have been witnessing a huge demand these days.

The major reason behind this upsurge in demand is the highly competitive business environment.

You can easily afford the price you have to pay for server colocation services.

You no longer need to spend your invaluable time and energy in order to make sure that your server and network works optimally.


With YADD Technology server colocation services, your server won’t ever go down.

Moreover, you will not face any troubles in maintaining your server.

You will have a steady network and be able to supervise the connection from the main system.

We at YADD provide a high-level of security for all your business equipment.

  • Benefits of Colocation to Your Business

We offer colocation services with the latest equipment and tools needed to serve your related needs.

Our well-qualified and experienced personnel assure you that colocation is done successfully and in the best way possible.

Our equipment ensures that access to your network is good as well as secured.

In case you have colocated the servers, your internet site won’t ever be offline.

It will not even require reloading.

Like most companies that provide you with server colocation services,

our server colocation services possess power back-up generators.

With YADD Technology, your server will be faster and reliable, even when natural disasters occur.

We locate your server in a way that you can always have clients on your business site.

  • We Make Colocation Simpler for You

After you have availed our server colocation services, you can remote manage your servers by way of packages, such as Telnet, PC AnyWhere, FTP or Terminal Services.

However, when it comes to our data center colocation services, we put your colocation server on 1000 mbps Ethernet being connected to our core routers via a 10/100/1000 switch.

You may also rent an additional space for growing your business and can purchase new equipment at the cost of old ones.

  • Bringing Your Server to Us

The best thing on your part will be to notify us in advance about your visit.

This will help us in co-coordinating things properly and effectively.

You may even ship your server through any shipping company like FedEx or UPS.


Contact us today to learn about how you can make your data center operations more cost-effective and run without any hassles.

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