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Disaster Recovery Services

We have recently witnessed that natural calamities can result in long term downtime for companies.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, snow storms or other such kinds of events can put data centers and corporate facilities out of commission for some time.

Thus, it is important for companies to undertake an all-inclusive disaster recovery plan.

Today, every single organization is founded on information technology and it cannot operate its business successfully in absence of this support.

It may have to suffer huge financial losses otherwise.

So, new techniques are being discovered and these techniques help to deal with this.


Here, we are talking about IT disaster recovery solutions that assist you to recover your lost data records.

Disaster recovery falls within the purview of business continuity and there are a few key trends in the IT industry that affect it.

We at YADD Technology offer IT disaster recovery services

Our methodology consists of applying our proprietary risk analysis and management systems in order to conduct security testing that specifically caters to your organizational needs.

We detect your critical business processes so that we can organize timescales and priorities to recover your business around those processes.

We have developed IT disaster recovery solutions with a view to recover the data lost due to natural or artificial calamities.

Generally, these services are of two kinds.

The very first service helps you to prevent any sort of information loss.

This helps you to restore data and make a copy for future use.

Other service is meant for recovery in case there is no backup.

Your destructed systems are restored back by bringing infrastructure and gadgets to different locations.

YADD offers you disaster recovery services that are customized in accordance with our customers’ technical, business and budget needs.

Our recovery solutions are fully managed. Data replication, backups, application recovery, assessments, server recovery and plan testing are backed by our dedicated expertise.

They are always on their toes to recover your business from disaster.

We are among the leading disaster recovery service providers that employ the right tools and solutions in order to create a workable system disaster recovery plan.

Our disaster recovery plan is focused and organization-specific.

It includes the overall strategy of your organization and your business recovery concerns.

It helps you to minimize dislocation and operational losses, manage the recovery operation effectively and in an organized manner.

This plan also protects you against all potential threats, manage your reputation and brand image. It restores the confidence of your customers, investors and stakeholders in you.

We develop the best and detailed action plans for various calamities.

We encompass all the bases including delivery and installation, right from generators to satellite dishes to seats.

We offer services at low monthly rates and have several flexible options for you.

We are capable enough to save your money over your current recovery solution.

Talk to us and we will ensure that you get through the bad times or disasters.

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