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Exchange Hosting Services

A professional presentation means everything in business communication. Which looks better? OR

Having your domain name and Hosted Exchange service from YADD Technology means your clients and prospective clients see your company name—your BRAND—in every email. This is important when your business involves earning the trust and consideration of your customers.

It simply does not look professional to use or in your business correspondence. Running Microsoft Exchange Server requires not only the right machinery but also a skilled administrator; so many entrepreneurs think this option is beyond them.

YADD Technology can do the work for you. We make it easy for your business. YADD Technology hosts Microsoft Exchange on our servers, and you and your staff can login and use Outlook from anywhere. You can share Calendars, Schedule meetings, add Contacts, and Send and Receive documents from your PC, laptop or smartphone. We’ll handle the hardware maintenance, we’ll update the software. All at such a low monthly rate you’ll see it pay for itself immediately.

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