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Computer & Office Network Wiring & Cabling

Is your business moving and you are in need of new wiring for the computers and telephones??

YADD Technology can help.


Our techs can help you with anything small like Computer wiring for a couple of new stations, adding new telephone wires to connect extensions to your current phone system, or you are moving to a new office and you need all the Computer and Network wiring completed to code,


we can help!

We sit down with you and evaluate what you have or maybe considering upgrading to, and help you draw out exactly what you need for Computers, Faxes, Phones, Postage Machines, Printers, Phone & Internet Provider, and explain to you the options you have with cabling performance and equipment.


Computer & Network cabling can get expensive and you can find yourself spending double the money if not properly informed by a professional.

Our Cabling services extend.

Wiring for your Computers and Network all include materials and cable types: Cat-3 Cabling, Cat-5 Cabling, Cat-5e Cabling, Cat-6 Cabling, Cat-6e Cabling, CAT-7 Cabling, Fiber Optics Cabling and COAX Cabling.

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